Completed Projects

Allure of the Seas Casino Entrance - 2010     READ THE CASE STUDY

Sugar House Casino, Philadelphia - 2010

Outdoor Glass Lit Benches

Client: Creative Light Source, Las Vegas

Project: Fabricated glass cubes with 'Sugar Cube' decoration for internally lit benches. GrayGlass fabricated 3/4" float using in house drilling, precision mitered and polished edges, silk screening of the outer surface with ceramic frit enamel, internal sandblasting and digital printing of the image 'shadow'. The panels were then UV bonded to fit precisely into the metal framework.

Madison Sqaure Park, New York City

The High Line - 2009

Section 1 Landscaping, 14th Street, New York City

General Contractor: Kiska Construction, Inc. 

What: East side and west side guardrails and guardrail infills at the Section 1 of the High Line project close to the 14th Street. Glass screen for the sunken garden. Glass railings for walkways. 

GrayGlass custom fabricated the waterproof laminated glass engineered for outdoor use. READ ABOUT IT IN GLASS MAGAZINE; VIEW THE INSTALLATION PHOTO GALLERY

More information about the High Line: 
Official site and friends of the High Line, wikipediaThe New York Times, The Wall Street Journal.  

Colored Stairs -2009

Great Neck Residence, NY

GrayGlass custom fabricates the colored risers by laminating two panels of low iron glass with a colored interlayer. The colors of orange, yellow, and red are custom matched to the desired saturations and hues. 

The stair treads are safety flooring panels; laminated tempered glass with white interlayers.

"Location, Location, Location" 

Ira Tiffen / IAT Studio

Low iron glass block, 2-1/2"x11"x11". Encased inside are four three-dimensional 'locales-' a green hillside, dotted with trees; a sandstone-red canyon; an aqua-blue ocean, which in certain light, like sunlight, uses a Moiré effect to make it appear to actually be rippling; and, in characteristic gray, the city, a densely packed rectilinear array of streets and buildings, loosely based on a four square block area centered around Park Ave. and 36th St, NYC. The three natural locales, in colors deliberately analogous to primary red, green and blue, with their soft, freely flowing patterns and shadows, contrast markedly with the man-made, orderly and yet somehow chaotic, colorless construct that is a city.

GrayGlass supplied the glass components and polished the 2.5" thick glass block. 

Huntington Library Art Gallery Skylight - 2008

San Marino, CA 

Reopening May 28, 2008, after a $20 million renovation, the
gallery will offer visitors an enhanced experience with one of the finest collections of European art in the nation.

The recent renovation of the Huntington Art Gallery included the refurbished 2,900-square-foot Portrait Gallery, featuring the most important full-length British portraits in the collection. GrayGlass supplied custom laminated patterned glass panels for the beautiful skylight. The pattern was carefully selected to match the original style.

The Russian Tea Room

150 West 57th Street, New York City

Manhattan's venerable restaurant, The Russian Tea Room recently underwent its own multi-million dollar renovation which included this fabulous art glass ceiling fabricated by GrayGlass.



New York City Automatic Public Toilet - 2008

First of 20 Automatic Public Toilets (APTs) to be installed under New York City’s Coordinated Street Furniture Franchise with Cemusa, Inc, in Madison Square Park, Manhattan. 

The glass components for this Automatic Public Toilet unit were fabricated and modified by GrayGlass. 


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