Water Jet Cutting

GrayGlass utilizes two high precision Omax® Water Jet Machining Centers. GrayGlass' original center, an Omax® 2652 has been recently upgraded with a new multi-axis nozzle allowing for taper-free cuts. The OMAX 80160® precision abrasive waterjet system provides a large cutting platform for flat parts up to 168" x 80". It cuts sheet or plate material of any type up to 6" thick including metal, glass, ceramic, stone and composites. Raw material up to 4,000 lbs can be accommodated by the integrated overhead power-frame vacuum lifter. The precision abrasive waterjet system can cut positive, zero and negative kerf angles. All digital file formats are acceptable and yield 0.003" accuracy with the integrated CAD/CAM system.

CUTTING QUALITY: "Q5"  Edge Finish - 2.8 RMS surface finish

Water Jet Q5 quality

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting:

  • The ability to cut shapes that cannot be cut in any other manner.
  • Minimal wasted material
  • Cut any type of glass up to 6 inches thick.
  • No stress on the glass
  • No Chipping or Micro-cracks formed
  • Generates its own starting hole for inside cuts.
  • Cut thin or thick glass
  • Cut wide range of thickness’ to high tolerance
  • Cut virtually any shape
  • Fast Setup
  • Fast turn around
  • Leaves a satin smooth finish, thus reducing secondary operations

Other Materials we can cut:

ANY Metal, Ceramic, Stone or Plastic Material * Bullet Proof Glass * Composites & Laminates (waterproof)

Precision Abrasive Waterjet Systems                                                                                 Multi-Axis  Tilt-A-Jet nozzle

Grayglass water jet cutting technology. Omax jet cutting machine.

New Omax® 80160 Large Water Jet Machining Center

Grayglass' large machining center also incorporates a Tilt-a-Jet Nozzle. The large bed allows for cutting of the largest size lites with extreme accuracy. GrayGlass also cuts thick stone and metal to your specification.

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