First Surface Mirrors

First (Front) Surface Mirrors

This product has the reflective surface on the first or 'front' surface of the glass. First surface mirrors are used in imaging equipment and applications where the reflected image must be not pass through the substrate. This eliminates the slight bending of light that occurs when an image passes through the glass, reflects off the back, and then returns through the glass as with commercial mirrors. This coating is commonly specified on our custom ground and polished optics. For stock purposes, the 97% reflective mirror coating is put on the front surface of float glass with a clear SiO2 protective coating. However this coating is still very sensitive to scratching and is further sprayed with a light blue coating that must be pealed off prior to use. Grayglass stocks 1/16", S/T, 1/8", and 1/4" thick sheets ranging up to 65" x 74".   

.029"  12" X 12"
.045" 16" X 25"
1/16" 16 "X 25"
3/32" 32" X 50"
1/8" 32" X 50"
1/8" 65" X 74"
1/4" 65" X 74"

Precision First Surface Optical Products

  • Laser Optics
  • Instrument Optics
  • Lighting Optics
GrayGlass can take your engineered product from concept to production:
  • Hundreds of glass substrates available
  • Coatings to meet the most demanding requirements
  • Precision annealing if needed
  • High tolerance surfaces
GrayGlass routinely supplies short run or highest volume custom optical products with first surface reflective surfaces for use in O.E.M. applications.

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