Custom Optical Filters

GrayGlass, leading global custom glass specialists since 1946, offers you precision glass filter products such as cut-off and selected band-pass glass, night vision glass, dichroic coated filters, borosilicate, welder’s glass and a host of other specialty glass filter products. Serving engineers, scientists, designers and OEMs with Boeing, NASA, the US Military, Los Alamos, the US government and a number of large corporations engaged in scientific research, aviation and aerospace, GrayGlass is equipped to offer you comprehensive in-house fabrication for customization including precision machining to very high tolerances, CMM (coordinate measurement machine) for precision measurement, and a Class 1 Clean Room for hermetically sealed bagging, serialized part numbers and more. Contact us using our convenient online form.

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GrayGlass personalized service offers you:

  • Highest quality glass product
  • Expert Glass Knowledge
  • Over 1,000 glass varieties in-stock
  • Extensive in-house precision machining capabilities
  • Very high tolerances capabilities
  • CMM for precision measurement
  • Class 1 Clean Room
  • Rapid turnaround
  • J.I.T.
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Precision short-run (Let us stock & fill your blanket orders)
  • Short- to Long Production Runs
  • In-tact and On-Time Delivery Worldwide
  • Globally Competitive Pricing
  • Personalized customer service

GrayGlass – Specialists in Precision Custom Glass & Glass Filters since 1946

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