March 24, 2009

For Immediate Release:


QUEENS VILLAGE, NY (March 24, 2009) –
GrayGlass, a full service glass fabricator, glass distributor and glass importer serving industrial, architectural, lighting and optical customers worldwide is now featuring glass fabricating and machining with switchable glass changing from transparent to opaque. Switchable glass turns clear when the power is on, giving you the choice for more privacy and security, with a touch of a switch.


“We are seeing a much greater demand for switchable glass in the market, from both a cost savings standpoint, as well as an aesthetic glass solution,” stated Chris Viggiano, President of GrayGlass.

Switchable glass saves costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting. It also avoids the cost of installing and maintaining blinds or curtains. The degree of transparency can also be controlled. Glass specialty applications include: storefronts, displays, skylights, windows, transportation, office partitions, conference rooms, interior partitions, and security applications.

GrayGlass offers architectural glass solutions for commercial and residential lighting manufacturers, showcase and display, and custom furniture. Stage and theatrical lighting and colored glass filters are also available from Devon Glass. GrayGlass ships globally and services government, defense contractors, science researchers and architectural, residential and commercial markets


New York City based GrayGlass is one of the world’s leading custom glass suppliers and glass fabricators. The company offers architectural glass, scientific glassware and industrial precision glass, as well as a full range of lighting products, including blown glass, optical glass, custom optical glass filters and stage lighting lenses.  For information about GrayGlass, visit the company’s website at or contact Bart Fried at Tel. 1-800-523-3320, ext. 109.



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