June 18, 2010

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The Company is the First in North America to Provide Customers With a Highly UV Stable Pigmented Ink Solution
(June 18, 2010) – GrayGlass, a full service glass fabricator, glass distributor and glass importer serving industrial, architectural, lighting and optical customers worldwide, is the first company in the U.S. and North American glass industry to unveil an innovative system of Digital Glass Printing (DGP).  The new system uses a pigmented ink solution that is highly UV stable and resistant to water issues such as delamination.  DGP is also capable of producing large formats on glass, 63” x 125” (1600mm x 3175mm), with edge-to-edge full bleed printing.   
GrayGlass offers the comprehensive solution to customers using a proprietary pigmented ink that lasts longer and has astonishing visual design.  The new system also provides the market with a fast and cost efficient way of printing on glass.  DGP is suitable for rapid prototyping and requires no screens and no minimum runs.  The printer has an extremely fast turnaround time for GrayGlass customers, with no coating or pre-treatment required.
“Our customers rely on us for the most challenging glass projects and with innovative solutions we’re able to complete their projects successfully,” stated Chris Viggiano, President of GrayGlass.  He further stated, “DGP is the first of its kind; an advanced system with streamlined printing processes, for the most cost effective and efficient way to serve our customers.”
With respect to image reproduction, DGP offers the following benefits:
  • Photographic quality   reproduction of an image up to 1440 x 1440 DPI, with superb adhesion to glass
  • Full CMYK and white for spectacular vivid color rendition
  • Excellent UV stability: five years outdoors and more than 10 years indoors
  • Spot white and white under layering for crisp opaque images viewed from one side
  • Full or spot color-white-color sandwiching for combination translucent and opaque images, viewed from front and back
  • Any glass thickness to ¾” (20mm)
  • Full post-printing fabrication capabilities
  • Water jet cutting, drilling, edging, film/liquid laminating

GrayGlass has changed the glass industry through years of innovation and creativity.  For the last 64 years, the company has provided the highest quality, reliability and value for its customers.   To view images of GrayGlass' digital printing system, please visit their Images page.  For more information and specifications of the GrayGlass Digital Glass Printing, please visit the specifications page.
New York City based GrayGlass is one of the world’s leading custom glass suppliers and glass fabricators. The company offers architectural glass, scientific glassware and industrial precision glass, as well as a full range of lighting products, including blown glass, optical glass, custom optical glass filters and stage lighting lenses.  For information about GrayGlass, visit the company’s website at www.grayglass.net or contact Bart Fried at Tel. 1-800-523-3320, ext. 109.

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