X-Ray Glass

X-Ray Shielding Lead Glass

X-ray shielding lead glass is a lead-barium glass with more than 60% heavy metal oxide including at least 55% pb0. Both glass surfaces are mirror-polished. X-ray shielding lead glass is used for protection against x-rays in viewing areas in the medical, scientific and nuclear fields.

  • Density = 4.36
  • Refractive Index = 1.71
  • Light Transmission = 87%
  • C.T.E. = 80 x 10-7 in 30-380 per degrees C
GrayGlass stocks 8mm thick X-ray shielding lead glass sheets

  • 8mm has a 1.8-2.0 lead equivalency at 150KV peak voltage.
  • The maximum sheet size is 48" x 96" which we will fabricate to size.
  • Also available in 11mm and 14 mm thicknesses to yield 2.5/2.7 and 3.0/3.2 mm lead equivalencies, respectively.
X-Ray Shielding Safety Glass

GrayGlass supplies Laminated X-Ray Shielding Safety Glass to meet all architectural safety glazing requirements.
  1. Laminated X-ray glass is not suitable for locations with heavy bombardment of UV radiation that will degrade the laminate interlayer.
  2. X-ray glass cannot be tempered.

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