Vycor® 7913

Corning's name brand of 96% silica glass. It is a low expansion, extreme high temperature glass capable of use in operating temperatures of 1700-2200 degrees Fahreheit. It also has excellent transmission in the UV, visible and IR areas of the spectrum. 

Vycor glass is formed in rolled sheets or pressings that must be soaked in acid leaching baths to remove the fluxes used in the forming process. The rolled sheets must be ground and polished to use as optical windows. It approximates fused silica (quartz) glasses in many of its properties. Grayglass carries Vycor glass in sheets from 4mm to 19mm thick wih rolled and polished surfaces.



Density 2.18 g/cm3
Young's Modulus 6.75 x 103 kg/mm2
Poisson's Ratio 0.19
Shear Modulus 2.85 x 103 kg/mm2
Knoop Hardness 487 (KHN100)


Softening Pt. 1530ºC
Annealing Pt. 1020ºC
Strain Pt. 890ºC

Blue Vycor® 7901

Blue VYCOR® glass 7904 absorbs yellow wavelengths and causes light transmitted through the glass to have a higher color temperature. Cobalt is introduced into the glass structure; therefore a lamp can be produced without the issues of burn-off and light scatter that coated lamps have. Blue VYCOR can be run in high temperature lamp manufacturing processes without additional cost or process steps.

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