Devon Theatrical Lighting Filters

Stage Lighting Gels - Devon Glass Theatrical Lighting Filters

GrayGlass, leading global custom glass specialists since 1946, offers you stage lighting gels made of glass from the extensive colored glass palette of Devon Theatrical Lighting filters. Providing you with an infinite variety of colors, glass filters offer you higher quality and longer life. The color does not shift over time or fade with prolonged use and there is no color fringing (secondary color toward the edge of a wide beam). There is also no risk of damage due to heat. They are ideal for floodlighting and do not reflect heat back to the lamp. Read the technical specifications and select the colors from the palette that interest you. Contact us using our convenient online form.

Devon Color Chart

                 205                      133                    100                   140                   149                    101                     502                    600

                  170                  133B                    602                    302                   152                    102                     504                   673

                170A                   137                     603                    142                   157                    162                    505                    606

                172A                   139                     148                    143                   181                    164                    204                    610

                  173                    180                     211                    303                  403                     166                    208                    701

  • Color correction and neutral density filters.
  • 41 ranges of saturated and pastel colors.
  • 4 diffusion, 1 UV passing, and 1 UV blocking filters.
  • Color does not shift over time.
  • Color does not fade with prolonged use.
  • Unlike dichroic glass, Devon color glass does not produce a secondary color towards the edge of a wide beam (color fringing).
  • Ideal for floodlighting; does not reflect heat back to the lamp.

Technical performance 

  • Size: Available in diameter from 1-3/8” to 10”, in rectangular from 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” to 15-3/4” x 15-3/4”.
  • Standard thickness is 1/8” / 5/32”.
  • The colors and thickness might slightly vary from different batches.
  • Standard tolerance is +/-1/16”; tighter tolerance is available with additional charge.
  • 1/2" grid wire mesh can be added to bound and stripped filters for additional safety.
  • Safety loops can be added to bound and stripped filters for additional safety.
  • Air vented filters for high wattage heat dissipation are available. Color consistency remains the same under 1000 watts or higher.
  • Frame thickness will vary depending on color of glass and type of framing chosen. Thickness of filters varies from 3/16” to 1/4" without mesh, from 1/4" to 3/8” with mesh.
  • Devon color glass cannot withstand thermal shock. Outdoor uses should be protected from the elements. PLEASE CALL US TO DISCUSS AVAILABLE SOLUTIONS.

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