UV Blocking


  • Blocks 99% of UV radiation
  • Sharp filter cutoff for virtually no color distortion in the visible light region
  • Can be applied to borosilicate glass for heat resistant applications
  • Extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and cracking
  • Heat stable for color consistency and performance stability
  • Non-heat absorbing to protect filter life
  • Longer life than plastic or gel

The Optivex™ UV Filter combines excellent optical characteristics, color balance, and rugged durability, making them ideally suited for:
  • Fine art museums
  • Natural history museums
  • Commercial art galleries
  • Private collections
  • Antiquarian collections
  • Retail establishments
Technical performance

The Optivex™ UV Filter uses thin film interference phenomena to achieve significant selective rejection ratios (over 10,000:1 for tungsten halogen) resulting in performance characteristics: 
  • Average UV blocking that exceeds 99% for radiation below 400 nm
  • Average color rendering index of 95%
  • Average visible light transmission exceeds 85%
1/8" OPTIVEX 10 X 30 14
1/8" OPTIVEX SOLITE 10 X 30 14
1/8" OPTI RIB PYREX 10 X 30 14
1/8" OPTI PATTERN PYREX 10 X 30 14

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