Myst™ Color

MYST COLOR is a float glass with one clear acid-etched side and one painted side designed for indoor/interior use.
Acid etched side is translucent with a smooth satin finish. The painted side is painted by quality paint on the back of clear glass with an opaque finish.
Easy to maintain
MYSTCOLOR is stain resistant; the acid etched side can be cleaned with water.
The color will last
The painted side of MYST COLOR must always be placed so that it faces the supporting structure to protect it from damage and preserve the color of the glass.
Environmental friendly
The color paints used on the back of glass do not contain any heavy metals or chemicals harmful to the environment.
MYST COLOR is moisture resistant, UV resistant, and bend resistant.
MYST COLOR can be used as decorative glass, wall covering and designed for contemporary furniture such as doors, tables, shelving units, sliding doors, displays, and divisions.
MYST COLOR can be cut in rectangle and circles and drilled holes by our CNC cutters and in organic shapes by our waterjets. The edges can be flat polished and beveled.

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