The Russian Tea Room

The Russian Tea room, located on 57th street in Manhattan is one of New York City’s most famous icons. 

In 2006, GrayGlass was hired to aid in the renovation of their Bear Lounge, with a newly fabricated glass ceiling. The labor intense project required several hundred pieces of glass that were individually selected by hand. Each panel consisted of two pieces of glass, one tempered and one laminated with a liquid resin.  The result was a vivid and colorful glass ceiling, included in the Russian Tea Room’s multi-million dollar renovation.

The Russian Tea Room project included:

  • Hand cut glass panels; each a different and unique size.
  • Each piece of colored glass was laminated for safety.
  • The ceiling light was lit above the glass; to share and disburse the light.
  • Devon glass (GrayGlass’ theatrical division) was laminated to clear glass and installed in the ceiling structure.
  • The fabrication of a couple hundred panels over a two-month timeframe.
  • Irregular cuts of glass, as a result of the varying thickness, with a 10% breakage (2-3 mm thick).

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