2010 Velis Elevators

Velis Elevators, a company known for designing, remodeling, repairing, and manufacturing elevator cabs, needed to a glass fabricator to furnish the interior of 14 cabs at the New York Times Building in New York City. 

As a result of a longstanding relationship with Velis, GrayGlass was awarded the project, which required the custom glass fabrication of each elevator cab, all with different types of glass panels and laminated to comply with building safety codes. The project began in December 2009 and took approximately six weeks to build each cab.

The Velis Elevators project included:

  • The custom fabrication of 14 cabs with three walls (two sides and a back panel).
  • Each glass panel had a beautiful fused effect, with white or barely painted white glass.
  • The glass for each cab was based upon a unique design, each one with different components.
  • The glass inlays were surrounded by upper and lower marble.
  • Each elevator cab had a drop ceiling that was laminated for safety.

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